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What is Masculine Boho Décor?

What’s masculine boho decor?

Most spaces with bohemian-inspired decor often pulsate with warm, vibrant shades, natural textures, and neutral-heavy colour schemes. Masculine boho decor brings a debonair twist to the aesthetic. What sets it apart is its dark, moody finish and a more stylish and grown-up feel. It combines the eclectic and free-spirited boho aesthetic with contemporary, rustic, and industrial design elements for striking results. 

Quick and easy tips for masculine boho decor 

As with all things bohemian, there are no clear-cut rules for masculine boho decor. But these quick and easy tips can help guide your decorating choices. 

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Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement. If you prefer boho décor that leans toward minimalism, add a focal piece like a large mirror, leather couch, Persian rug, chandelier, or hanging chair. You can also add an accent wall by painting one side of the room a bold or dramatic colour. If you want to stick with a neutral palette for the walls, consider an accent ceiling instead – paint the ceiling with a dark or moody colour. 

Go beyond charcoal and navy blue. Blue and grey are often perceived as traditionally masculine colours, but don’t let that limit your colour choices. Bohemian decor is heavy on jewel tones. If you want to stick with a moody palette, you have many choices, including emerald green, forest green, cognac, maroon, eggplant, and more.  

Go for a classic and timeless colour scheme. Masculine boho decor thrives on a palette of bold and saturated hues, but there’s no need to avoid a classic black-and-white colour scheme, either. You can always fill blank space with eclectic patterns and accent pieces like a wool rug or hand-woven pendant lights to keep the room from looking uninspired or sterile. Aside from colour, classic pieces of furniture like a cognac leather couch or Persian rug can make any room look debonair. 

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Add metal and iron accents. Brass, metal, copper, and aged iron can add substance and depth to any room. You can incorporate metal and iron accents via drawer pulls, cabinet handles, faucets, door knobs, metal art, wall art, lighting fixtures, and more. These accents do a wonderful job of adding both colour and texture to the space. 

Keep it balanced. If you’d like to infuse the bathroom or kitchen with some masculine boho decor, balance out an all-white interior with glossy black cabinets, textured wood, and similar design details. There are many ways to do this, from lighting fixtures and bathroom counters to kitchen cabinets and backsplash. You can also liven up all-white spaces by mixing patterns and textures via placemats, table covers, coasters, and floor mats. 

Think modern. Masculine boho decor looks amazing in a home office or private study. Give it a modern but eclectic feel by mixing clean lines and contemporary furnishings with organic elements like a sisal rug, dark wooden details, or indoor plants. The contrast gives your home office a dynamic feel. 

Load up on texture. Wall hangings are a mainstay of masculine boho decor. Aside from adding texture and colour to the walls, they can also conceal scratches, stains, electrical boxes, and unsightly fixtures. Go for a tasseled tapestry to anchor the disparate pieces in the room. Try a hand-dyed macramé wall hanging to add an earthy bohemian feel to a drab space.  

Keep it low. Low-set furniture is one of the hallmarks of bohemian decor. When it comes to masculine boho decor, use ground-level seating like low stools or a large, plush rug with lots of cushions and throw pillows. This creates a more casual and relaxed vibe in your home. 

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