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Turning Your Holiday Home Into Beachy Bliss

Just thinking about your holiday home or beach house makes you feel relaxed instantly, right? This is what a beachy bungalow should exude the moment you enter it. No stress, no work-stuff, and certainly, no problems.

Of course to achieve that, you need to guarantee yourself that your holiday home is designed in a way that provides you with that relaxing vibe. If your bungalow is full of unnecessary items or old and worn-out clothes, you certainly need to do some Marie Kondo-ing.

Beachify Your Bungalow To Achieve Holiday Home Bliss

Attaining that vacation ambience is not that complicated. The location of your bungalow already gives off a holiday feel so you just have to bring those elements inside your space! 

Favour furniture made of wood. Be it a cabinet, a wooden chair, or a wooden coat stand, as long as it gives off a natural vibe, it is perfect for your holiday home.

Specifically bamboo bar stools are a great addition to your kitchen. Coffee lover? Why not add a wooden coffee table! Woven wicker chairs can be placed beside a hanging basket chair to complete that wooden room vibe. Speaking of wooden rooms, you can play with beach-style furniture as well. Use sea glass pendants and materials with seagrass inserts for this type of design.

Add ivory linen to your contemporary sofa. Don’t forget indigo-hued throw pillows (or anchor-printed cushions) to give you that beachy vibe whenever you’re in the living room. For your dining area, you could add some linen nautical napkins and accent plates. If you can find some wooden themed glasses, those would be a perfect addition to the overall look.

Lastly, your bedroom should match the rest of the bungalow. Focus on blue linen bedding with stripes. Do not forget to bring your favourite acrylic painting of the seaside or something similarly themed. 

Choosing The Right Colour

We suggest using vibrant colours when designing your holiday home. Experiment with different colours, even bold ones, until you feel you’ve achieved a relaxing aura. Blue is the most commonly used colour in beach houses, but you don’t have to settle with one colour.

Turquoise, navy or even pantones 2022 colour of the year: very peri are great shades of blue to try. Indigo can be used if you are aiming for a modern beach house look. Also, colours of sand like soft pink, cream, and ivory are great additions to your beachy bungalow. Wood tones or tropical prints can be tried too if the previous colours aren’t your vibe.

Another colour that works well is plain ol’ white. To provide a more wooden effect, select whitewashed accents. The trend for whitewashed furniture is increasing so this might produce a modern take on a wooden-inspired room.

Essentials To Complete Your Interior

Choosing the right décor is vital to achieving a beachy-themed bungalow. You don’t have to spend too much on décor as you can easily get shells, rocks, or even driftwood from your nearest beach. If a friend of yours once gave you items that are related to the sea, feel free to use those. You can also find affordable décor on Instagram nowadays which makes it easier to obtain without having to leave your home.

A big vase with natural grass can also help to provide that beachy vibe. You don’t have to stick to seashells for every room. Rattan lanterns or seagrass wall hangings are great additions to your kitchen too.

Consider your towels, which should complement the overall motif too. Choose ones with the same colour palette as the rest of your holiday house or choose towels with classic motifs like shells or anchors. Rope baskets are a great storage option, especially in the bathroom.

If your holiday home has a garden, try attaching a hammock or throw down some picnic blankets. Don’t forget the lanterns and other hanging lights so you and your family can spend all night chatting outside.

To Sum It Up, Your Bungalow Should Be A Space For You To Relax And Unwind

This is why changing the look of your holiday home is necessary from time to time. If you are after a beach-inspired vacation house, then consider the following ideas:

  1. Go for furniture made of wood or play around with beach-style furniture.
  2. Experiment with different colours, even bold ones, until you find your relaxing aura.
  3. To give an enhanced wooden effect, select whitewashed accents.
  4. Use shells, rocks, or even driftwood for décor. 

Looking for suitable wall decor? Franklin Hobart offers a variety of wall arts and prints that will look great in your beach home. 

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