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How to Nail Global Boho Decor For Your Home

Global boho is a modern take on the bohemian aesthetic, which has come to represent individuality, creativity, and freedom in design. While there are no hard and fast rules to global boho décor, these tips might help you get started with mixing and matching design elements. 

Mix and match 

Global boho is all about eclecticism. Feel free to mix, match, and layer unrelated pieces with abandon. Franklin Hobart has a fine selection of boho-style furniture and housewares for your decorating needs

  • Organic textures with bright patterns – Try mixing raw material, such as a jute rug, with another item with bold colours and patterns, like a Persian carpet. This creates an intriguing yet pleasing contrast in your living space. Organic material in the form of woven baskets and lamps can also soften the look of the room. This allows you to create a more subdued and sophisticated boho-style interior.  
  • Different furniture styles – When done right, mismatched furniture can add a boho chic vibe to any room. For example, mix and match different chair styles for the same dining table, or place a Mid Century Modern couch and English Roll-Arm sofa next to each other. Another idea would be to bring in a When mixing different furniture styles, just keep in mind that colours, lines, and shapes can tie unrelated pieces together and create a unified look. 
  • Art from different movements and eras – The bohemian aesthetic is closely associated with art, history, and culture. It’s a celebration of artistry and creativity. You can reflect this in your décor by bringing art pieces from different movements and eras into the space. For instance, you might place a Greek bust right next to a Cubist sculpture. Hang abstract and classical paintings side-by-side. The sky’s the limit with this one, so take as an opportunity to bring all those valuable artworks out of storage. 

Go natural or rustic 

Add natural and rustic finishes to your décor for a bohemian feel. Include raw and natural materials like rattan, hemp, sisal, and wood. Great examples include woven fruit baskets, macrame wall hangings, hemp rugs, and leather upholstery. Feel free to mix these finishes with chrome, metallic, burnished, or stone surfaces for contrast.  

Use space efficiently

  • Max out the space – The bohemian aesthetic is maximalist in the sense that every square inch of space is filled with pattern, colour, or texture, if not objects. You can achieve this by utilising the space when arranging furniture, artworks, and indoor plants. Patterns in wallpaper and carpeting also take up visual space. 
  • Leave room for white space – When decorating with boho chic in mind, you don’t always have to maximise space. You can also go the opposite direction by going minimalist, bringing in only a few disparate pieces, or creating negative space between art and furniture pieces. Mix bold patterns with solid blocks of colour to keep the décor from overwhelming the senses.  

Add unique and unexpected pieces

Boho brings an element of surprise, so when introducing new pieces to your space, choose bold and unexpected accents. Examples include experimental artworks or items that simply don’t go with the rest of the décor, such as Venetian glassware for a predominantly eco chic interior with raw textures. 

You can also use or display familiar pieces in unexpected ways, such as hanging up food bowls as wall art or using a ladder as a towel hanger, as with the above photo. 

The wonderful thing about the boho aesthetic is that it lets you indulge in many styles, patterns, and colours with disparate pieces. Its inherent playfulness lets you explore various art movements and furniture design trends without the strict need for cohesion. 

Include global accents 

Global boho celebrates culture, craftsmanship, and travel. Home furnishings with a global feel will be a great fit for this aesthetic. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring out all the items you’ve collected from your travels abroad. Find a place for them in your space – global boho’s eclectic vibe means that you don’t need to worry about these pieces matching or complementing each other. 

If you’re concerned about composition and unity, you can try grouping these by texture, pattern, shape, or material. You can also offset loud prints and patterns with neutral pieces. For example, hang a bold painting over a cream-coloured couch, or place a natural jute rug in front of a bold-patterned sofa.   

You can collect many items from your travels and find a place for them in your home décor. Franklin Hobart also offers an array of home wares to help you create global boho chic in any space.

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