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About Me, Franklin Hobart

I am wanderlust personified. Wide-eyed and fearless, I travel rough roads and roads not taken. My adventurous spirit has seen me diving with sharks in South Africa, yacht-skiing in the Arctic, and roaming the overgrown paths of the Brazilian Amazon. I’ve also enjoyed those quiet moments in-between – the ones that allow for calmness, introspection, and gratitude. 

Every itinerary is larger than life. I am driven by my insatiable need to discover and re-discover new, out-of-the-way places. 

Capturing the essence of the places I visit isn’t so much about sampling the local cuisine or participating in the rituals and ceremonies of the community. It’s more about being in the moment – standing still long enough to feel the energy of the place reverberate, and long enough to watch a seemingly ageless, changeless landscape stare back. 

It’s how the sunset looks different in each part of the world, the rare glimpse into the lives of other people, the languid movement of the waves on the shoreline. 

Ever the seeker, I’m on a never-ending search for experience, challenge, culture, beauty, meaning. 

The wonderful objects I’ve gathered from the travels give me comfort once normalcy sets in, give me visions of future trips and soon-to-be-found gems lying somewhere in a crowded marketplace, an antiques showroom, or a roadside shop. These periods in-between are filled with anticipation, a chance to regain my balance and footing after the exhilaration of my most recent trip. 

I invite you to join me on this wonderful journey. Together, we can chart new territories within and without.

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