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Wooden Furniture

Dreaming of the island life? Bring the coast inside your home by transforming it wooden or cottage style. We Wood has everything nautical and regatta-inspired, perfect for that bright and breezy beach house style for your home. Discover the finest pieces of modern wooden furniture today for your refreshing cottage getaway.


Wooden Homewares

You’re a few clicks away from living the wooden life. View our selection of unique homewares and décor that match your wooden style furniture. From natural details to oceanic-inspired home accessories, you’ll find it all here. Spot your favourite statement pieces and enjoy tranquil seaside moments at home.


Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Elevate your outdoor space with We Wood furniture and create your seaside sanctuary at home. Fall in love with our timeless and quality wooden living furniture that will transform your porch, patio, deck, or poolside. Your outdoor oasis awaits.

Worldwide wooden furniture & homeware curation

We are a wooden furniture store in Australia that carefully sources our products from the best artisans from all over the world. Each of our wooden luxe furniture is handcrafted with love and made of quality materials to help you create an incredible retreat by the sea.

We offer a wide selection of home décor and furnishings to let you creatively design and style your space exactly how you want it.

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Wooden Furniture Made from Superior Materials

You can trust the quality and durability of our products. Each unique piece in our wonderful collection of wooden beach furniture is meant to last in your wooden style home, journeying with you to endless days of serenity.

Our wooden furniture designs come in artistic styles and refreshing hues that will make each day feel like a summer holiday.


Wooden spirit and journey

Wooden style infused with bohemian inspiration makes an unforgettable look and brings a cosy and homey vibe into your space. Boho style and design are all about experimenting with colours, patterns, and layers, which is perfect to incorporate into an ocean-inspired room. We have a wide variety of modern wooden furniture that can give you that free-spirited, rustic, and eclectic look that we love in a wooden style space.



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Frequently asked questions

Wooden style furniture is inspired by the beach-side lifestyle. It is all about casual yet crisp décor and home pieces inspired by nautical accents. This style makes use of seaside elements and colours and neutral layers that create a cosy interior and imbues a relaxed feeling.

It has a clean and simple look defined by the use of wooden looking furniture with a neutral colour palette and refreshing pops of blue, turquoise and salmon pink colours. It also includes rustic wood furnishings, ocean-inspired elements, and many natural elements to create a calm and easy vibe.

This style is inspired by the beach life where you’ll see a lot of blue hues, cool greys, natural materials, and faded white finishes. The overall look that it tries to create is an open, airy, and inviting space. Wooden style has a lot of variations and can range from traditional to modern and Nautical to Mediterranean. 

Wooden living furniture is actually beach-inspired. They both make use of natural light and incorporate soft tones and a minimalist aesthetic. Wooden design is often described as similar to nautical design because they both employ natural seaside elements. This style aims to make a space feel refreshing and breezy which we usually feel while on our days on the beach.

Wooden never goes out of style as long you use wooden accents artfully just like any other statement piece. It gained even more popularity during the pandemic since people wanted an airy, breezy, vacation-like vibe at home. Wooden décor offers exactly that with the use of neutral and vibrant colours and texture-rich pieces with an earthy aesthetic.

Incorporate nautical stripe décors or add some wicker, rattan, or sisal pieces, add slipcovers to chairs and sofas for that modern wooden living look and add whitewashed accents to your space. Add some wooden Hamptons furniture for a beach house look full of luxurious comfort. Layer up some texture, add more blue hues and clean lines and use soft, comforting colours, upcycle furniture, use pastel-coloured wall paints or make space for an outdoor living room. 

Usual wooden colours are inspired by the colours of the beach like shades of green, blue, grey, and brown. You can also add red hues for a more preppy look and touches of coral for a pop of colour. Soft and natural materials like linen will also work well with this look. Wooden colours are soothing colours that give off feelings of peace and relaxation by bringing back memories of our time on the beach.

Go with stripes, coral patterns, nautical patterns, trellis and quatrefoil for decorative accessories, murals, and fabric prints.

Here are our stylish suggestions on wooden luxe furniture you can add to your space. Use striped rugs for the illusion of a larger space, hardwood furniture for a classic look, chunky pouffes for texture, and woven baskets as a stylish touch. You can also cosy it up with wood, incorporate modern rustic elements and use furniture that gives off a warm and welcoming feeling like woven wicker, wood, and bleached linen. Don’t forget to add wooden elements like pebbles, driftwood, and seashells.

Some good suggestions would be adding natural fibre rugs for a rugged look, vintage chandeliers, and nautical and beach-inspired décor. Make sure there is plenty of natural light. If you’re not a fan of a white dining room, you can replace it with shades of light grey or pastels. Use rattan or bamboo décor, wooden furniture, rugs, and pendant lights to light up the room. 

Some great bedroom essentials would be sheer curtains for a breezy feeling, rugged trunks, wooden wall arts, and layers of bedding for your luxurious and cosy bed. You can also use casual breezy colours and worn finishes for a more relaxed vibe. An ocean-inspired bedroom with paintings and décor with seaside elements is also a great idea. Lastly, you can try adding coral and red accents that will wonderfully give your room a pop of colour.

Modern/Contemporary wooden style fuses minimalism and the beachy style of wooden design. This style is characterised by mixing bold designs and décor with simple lines and finishes. You can add statement art and furniture, but make sure to keep the space uncluttered. We can achieve this by having white walls and using soft natural colours of wooden elements and adding natural materials such as baskets and woods, and layering them with rugs, pillows, and blankets with soft textures.

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